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CV Prof. Mariola Tortosa

Short CV:
Mariola Tortosa obtained her B.S. in Chemistry from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in 1999. She then joined the group of Dr. R. Fernández de la Pradilla at the Instituto de Química Orgánica General (CSIC, Madrid, Spain) to carry out her graduate work. In 2004, she received the Lilly Award for PhD students. In 2005, she moved to The Scripps Research Institute in Florida (USA) to work as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. William Roush. In 2008 she returned to the Instituto de Química Orgánica General (Madrid, Spain) as a Juan de la Cierva fellow. In 2011 she started her independent research at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a Ramón y Cajal contract. More recently, she received an ERC-Starting Grant awarded by the European Research Council to work on the project “Design and Applications of Unconventional Borylation Reactions”. She received the Young Investigator Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain (2014), the Young Spanish Investigator Eli Lilly Award (2014) and the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award for young professors (2015). He has received a number of awards including a Pfizer Michigan Green Chemistry Award (2007), American Chemical Society Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award (2001), Johnson and Johnson Focused Giving Grant (2001), Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award (1998), National Science Foundation CAREER Award (1996), 3M Corporation New Faculty Award (1996), and he was recently elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2011). He has coauthored over 90 research publications and presented over 220 invited lectures at various symposia, meetings, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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