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Conferencia del Prof. Eurico Cabrita

Title: “Translational diffusion studies by NMR”
Day: Thursday, March 2th, 2017

18:30 h, Sala de Conferencias QUIFIMA
The use of the pulsed field gradient spin-echo to measure diffusion coefficients will be explained in detail. The general concepts of diffusion and molecular structure will be introduced with examples of the application of diffusion NMR to determine size, analyze mixtures or study intermolecular interactions. Application of diffusion NMR under HR-MAS to study heterogeneous samples will be explored.
Biographical data:
Eurico Cabrita, PhD 1999 in Organic Chemistry, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Post-Doctoral fellow 2000-2002, Institut fur Analytische Chemie, Leipzig University, Germany. 2003-2004 researcher at REQUIMTE, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Since 2005 Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at the Chemistry Department at FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Since 2011 Coordinator of the Portuguese NMR Network. He has more than 10 years of experience in solution state NMR and its application to the study of molecular interactions in chemical and biochemical contexts. Published more than 60 papers listed in the SCI (JCR indexed) and 3 book chapters. He was the recipient of the Medalha Vicente Seabra in 2010 from the Portuguese Chemical Society for his contribution to chemistry in the NMR field.

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