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Conferencia de la Profesora Renata Riva

El próximo martes 19 de julio, la Profesora Renata Riva, del Departamento de Química y Química Industrial de la Universidad de Génova impartirá la conferencia titulada:
“The support of biocatalysis and organocatalysis to the solution of stereochemical issues in isocyanidebased multicomponent reactions”
Tendrá lugar a las 9:30 en la Sala de Conferencias QUIFIMA. La entrada es libre hasta completar el aforo.

Renata Riva was graduated in Chemistry by the University of Milano, 1982 and received the doctorate at the same University in 1987. She then moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [Cambridge (MA), USA] to do a postdoc working under the supervision of prof. William R. Roushed on the enantioselective synthesis of clorotricolide antibiotic. She had various positions at the University of Milano and Genova and since 2000 she is an associate professor at the University of Genova.

Her research interests include the synthesis of natural products of biological interest, the synthesis of products of potential pharmacological interest by multicomponent reactions.

She has coordinated/participated as PI in projects sponsored by the different funding agencies and programs and with national and international companies.

She is the author of more than 150 publications. Most of the published papers fall within the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, multidisciplinary chemistry and have been published in high impact journals.

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