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Conferencia de la Prof. Amelia Rauter

El próximo martes 31 de mayo la profesora Amelia Rauter impartirá una conferencia bajo el título: “Antibióticos derivados de azúcares”. La conferencia tendrá lugar a las 17:00 h
en la Sala de Conferencias QUIFIMA.

Amelia_RauterLa Prof. Amelia Rauter se graduó en Ingeniería Química en la Universidad Técnica de Lisboa en 1974, y se doctoró en Química en la Technical University of Graz (Austria) in 1982.

En la actualidad es Profesora en el departamento de Química y Bioquímica de la Universidad de Lisboa, y su investigación se centra en la síntesis estereoselectiva de carbohidratos.

Currículum breve
Professional positions: Associate Professor, FCUL, (2003-); Invited professor, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC – Paris VI), France, October 2013; Invited Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, August 2009, Warshaw, Poland; Invited Professor at the Université Paris Sud 11, Orsay, France, June 2009; Lecturer of DQB-FCUL (2003-1984); Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, Institut für Organische Chemie,Technischen Universität Graz – Austria (1983-1975); Student teacher, Instituto de Física e Matemática (1974-1972); Founder member and Senior Researcher of Center of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CQB-FCUL) (2001-); Member of CQB-FCUL Executive Committee (2013-); Founder and Leader of CQB Carbohydrate Chemistry Group (2001-); Researcher of the Centre of Mass Spectrometry, IST-UTL (1994-2001); Founder and Coordinator of the Portuguese Carbohydrate Chemistry Group of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry (2001-1995); Coordinator of DQB-FCUL Graduation in Chemistry (2004-2003); Coordinator of the Graduation in Chemistry and of the Euromaster in Chemistry and its specializations in Chemistry, Health and Nutrition, Green Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Electrochemistry (2011-2009).
She has coordinated/participated as PI of FCUL in projects sponsored by EU, IUPAC, NATO, FCT, QREN, FLAD, CRUP, among other funding agencies and programs and with national and international companies (42 projects). The projects funded by EU and IUPAC are highlighted below:

She is the author of 150 publications and 12 published/granted patents. Most of the published papers fall within the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, multidisciplinary chemistry and applied chemistry and have been published in high impact journals

She has several achievements and honorary appointments such as:
– Secretary of the European Carbohydrate Organisation since July 11, 2013;
– Founder of the International Carbohydrate Organization Young Researcher Award, 2014;
– Member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) Action Group 3 – Prevention of functional decline and frailty, established for the implementation of its strategic plan for 2012-2015 and leader of its Faculty of Sciences-University of Lisbon Consortium.
– Member of the COST Action CM1102 entitled “Multivalent Glycosystems for Nanoscience MultiGlycoNano” since June 2013.
– Founder of the Iberian Carbohydrate Meetings, starting in 1999.
– European Chemist, title given by the European Chemist registration Board, established in 1992 by the European Communities Chemistry Council, 1998.

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